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Pay Slots Online Game

A pay slots online game is categorized as either being volatile, or being not volatile. When a pay slots online game is labeled as volatile it means that the game has both large payouts and smaller payouts. On the other hand, if the game is said to be not volatile the payouts will be grouped around one central amount. Players who like to take risks are more attracted to the volatile versions of these games.

The makers of Realtime Gaming software have developed the best pay slots online game for the people who want to play the volatile type of these games. They named their pay slots online game M. Y. O. W. which stands for the words make your own win. The title of the game is pronounced like a catÂ's meow so a martial arts cat is used as decoration on the game.

Players that choose to play these games will have to play them like old time three reel games were played. The player will be inserting coins into the machine, and will be selecting the accurate denomination for the coins they want to insert. Each player may use three coins, and the different pay tables will determine the amount that will be paid out according to the number of coins played. Do you love to play European Blackjack? You can now play the entire game inside a new setting! Browse the jeux de casino page at casinojeux.com!

It seems that the biggest payouts can be found on the game Catzilla. This game offers as its lowest payout 50 coins. For its highest payout it offers an astonishing 5,000 coins. The drawback is you have to get three exact matches on your reel line in order to get any payout at all.

Now you can play a game they call Lucky Cat that has a big money payout of 1,500 coins when you get three Luck Cat symbols in a reel line, and this pay slots online game will pay out 6 coins if you only see one of the Lucky Cat symbols on your reel line.

There are three more of these types of slot games available, and they each have their own pay out tables, and their own regulations to determine a winning reel. If you want to try these type of pay slots online games you should probably start with a smaller payout table like the Bat Cat, and work your way up to Catzilla.